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aybala akıl jinekolog kadın doğum uzmanı bodrum

Bodrum is an Aegean town with a magnificent nature, sea, food and beautiful people that many people from all over the world want to visit and see… It is now one of the attractive centers of world health tourism..
Our most important goal is to carry out the treatments and surgeries of our guests from abroad and outside the city in a healthy way, together with friendly and competent assistant health workers, in hospitals equipped with the latest technology in Bodrum. In addition, a comfortable treatment process and a wonderful Bodrum holiday are important goals for us. While planning your treatment, we aim to use the time appropriately for you, thanks to the plan created and presented to you by our team, and to experience our magnificent Bodrum properly as well as your treatment.
We can share our detailed travel plan and hotel recommendations with you when you send us your flight plan, which you have created under the guidance of your surgery calendar that we have prepared and forwarded to you. We can provide you with a comfortable transportation by providing your hotel transfer from the airport with our VIP vehicles.
Our biggest goal is to send you home with a happy smile when your treatment is over.


Bodrum is home to one of the airports with the most direct and connecting flights in Turkey. When you send us your flight details, we will meet you at the airport with our VIP vehicles and transfer you to the hotel of your choice. Our team will organize your transportation to your hotel after your surgery and procedures in our clinic and our contracted hospital.


We have selected the most beautiful of Bodrum’s exclusive hotels that will give you most comfortable stay opportunity and make it possible for you to have an exquisite Bodrum experience. All of them were chosen because of being comfortable as well as having easy access to our hospital and clinic. You can choose the one that is suitable for you from our contracted hotels under special conditions. Just let us know where you want to stay. You can visit the websites of our hotels.
If you wish, you can also stay in other hotels suitable for you.

Please contact us for out contracted hotels.

Our contact number for appointment: +90 252 358 5588