Cosmetic gynecology

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Cosmetic gynecology

Cosmetic gynecology is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sub-branches of elective plastic surgery for women. Aesthetic gynecology covers aesthetic surgery procedures that help improve the appearance of the vulva or vagina. Cosmetic gynecology, on the other hand, includes minor interventional procedures to improve the aesthetic appearance of the vulvar/vaginal region and offers women many different touches to improve or restore sexual functions that are impaired due to childbirth or aging.

In fact, cosmetic gynecology is not a medical necessity. Studies have shown that the appearance of a woman’s genitalia affects her self-confidence and sexuality. These are the procedures that women demand for this reason and apply to increase their quality of life, sexual life or just self-confidence.

Today, for aesthetic purposes, many surgical procedures such as vaginoplasty (tightening surgery to tighten or rejuvenate the vagina), labiaplasty (improvement of the appearance of the inner lips and reduction of their size / correction of asymmetry), clitoral hudoplasty (correction of the excess tissue covering the clitoris, called the clitoral hood). We can perform many different surgeries.

In addition to these surgeries, there are procedures called as cosmetic interventions, all of which are very easy and the results are quite satisfactory for women.

Fotona laser, which we use for vaginal rejuvenation, can be considered the most important of them. Lasers have long been widely used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The introduction of laser into cosmetic gynecology has therefore been like a natural result of technology. Today, lasers in gynecology are successfully used in the treatment of warts, ablative treatment of cervical dysplasia, and in the cosmetic field, vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, postmenopausal atrophy treatment, urinary incontinence.

Another method that we frequently use besides laser is PRP and mesotherapy applications to the perineum. The perineum and external genitalia (vulva, pubis and clitoris) get older and become wrinkled, just like other parts of our body, for many reasons such as aging, excessive weight gain and loss, pregnancy and childbirth. These areas are used for rejuvenation, maintenance and renewal purposes with the purpose of various drugs (vitamin complexes, amino acids and beneficial microelements, hyaluronic acid or PRP obtained from the person’s own blood, platelet rich plasma – platelet-rich plasma, and the blood taken from the person with a special method). Perineal mesotherapy is the method of intradermal injection of various drugs (vitamin complexes, amino acids and beneficial microelements, hyaluronic acid) or PRP (platelet rich plasma) obtained from one’s own blood to these areas for rejuvenation, care and renewal purposes. PRP means platelet-rich plasma and it is the part of the blood taken from the person by processing with a special method; It contains intense healing cells and provides tissue regeneration.

After the application of the drug or PRP in mesotherapy, active blood circulation begins under the skin, so that the body’s own healing cells also attack to the area; thus, it is possible to renew the skin, restore its beautiful appearance and elasticity, and improve its color and texture.

We can also talk about the filling process applied to the outer lips of genitalia (labia majora). External lip augmentation or labia majora augmentation is the procedure performed to increase the volume of labium majus.

In cases such as childbirth, menopause and excessive weight loss, many women have wrinkles and loosening of outer lips, especially as they get older. This loosening and wrinkling creates a cosmetic discomfort as an image. This can lead to loss of self-confidence and sexual problems. In addition, the decrease in the tightness of the labium majus can create a health problem as it cannot fulfill its role as a pillow on the vagina during daily life and sexual intercourse. In these cases, labium majus filling can be applied to give the outer lips a full and tight appearance.

All these procedures, with ever-increasing success rates, make great contributions to women’s intimal health, getting higher pleasure from their sexual life and increasing their self-confidence.

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